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Leadership Training with Pan Asia Bank (Sri Lanka)

This week we have been delivering leadership training  in Sri Lanka. During this time, we delivered the second phase of a leadership development training programme for Pan Asia Bank. The 2 day training programme encompassed coaching circles and discussions around the challenges the bank faces and solutions that can be implemented immediately. To conclude the session,

New Training, Coaching&Consulting Solutions

At BRC, we provide training and coaching solutions as well as business consulting services. We were delighted to launch 3 new programmes in the past week, offering a variety of  training, coaching and consulting.  The 3 new relationships are with local businesses in Northern Ireland, which all have international links. We also began 2 new private coaching assignments with

Successful Leadership Training Finale

We are delighted to have completed another Chameleon Leadership Training Programme this week in Belfast with a group of business and education leaders. Dr Philip Glasgow concluded our Leadership Programme by drawing out the connections between achieving ultimate success in sport with the commitment to achieve optimum performance and results in the business arena. Phil

Chameleon – Leadership Intelligence Feb 17

“Chameleon is different from your standard leadership course. It looks at leadership ‘intelligence’. It provokes you to think more about context, ‘think about thinking’, understand your, and others’ emotions and behaviours, and how all of those elements have an impact on your organisation." (Feedback from a Senior Manager at Allstate Northern Ireland​). In