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Research suggests the average person checks their mobile phone at least 9 times an hour….why not use one of these times to read about a coaching model or prepare for a feedback conversation using our new “Business Leader’s App” (BLA)?

As 21st century leaders, your time is precious, so every second counts. As well as that, it is more common now for your leadership team to be dispersed over various locations.  We recognise the need for just in time, standard information for leaders, which was our drive to develop our “Business Leader’s App” (BLA) for leaders on the move.

We have identified the key aspects that every modern leader faces on a day to day basis.

  • Read short and succinct information on a variety of topics including: Coaching, Conversations (performance, feedback and difficult conversations), Teamwork, Leading and The Millennials.
  • Complete quick questionnaires to assess your leadership styles or to evaluate the performance of your team.
  • Add interesting content to your favourites.
  • Browse the multimedia ‘Vault’ section for relevant real life examples.

“Business Leader’s App” (BLA) is part of our vision to increasingly provide ‘on the move’ solutions and resources to leaders at the touch of a button. It is now available to download on both Apple and Android Devices.

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BLA Business Leader's App

You can read an example of how one of Belfast’s largest corporates is using BLA as part of their leadership programme here. Bob Cochrane is a delegate who describes the sessions as thought provoking, enlightening and challenging. Read more from Bob here

If you are interested in purchasing our leadership app for your whole leadership team, we offer bundle rates. If you would like more information on the bundles we offer, you can email us at info@brcpartnership.com or call us on +44 2893 362 884.

“I have downloaded the Business Leader’s App. The content is fantastic and extremely helpful. Perfect for new leaders, or modern ideas for experienced leaders.”