Bespoke Solutions

Off the shelf training packages are not our forte. We are committed to designing and delivering solutions that meet our clients’ business needs.

Results Driven

Our solutions are designed to make a difference and make a real change. It’s in everyone’s interest that a tangible return on investment is achieved.

Customer Focused

Delighting our clients is our number one priority. We take great pride from the repeat and referral business we win as a result.


It’s all about the relationship

We are a training company made up of subject matter experts and associates with a growing national and international reputation for excellence in training, consultancy, facilitation and coaching. We are committed to providing innovative and challenging training that moves beyond traditional mechanistic leadership courses, and we are renowned for our innovation, creativity and sound core values.

Our training is designed to suit your organisation and open up new perspectives on how to lead effectively by providing strategies and practical tools for the ever changing world we find ourselves working in. We believe that relationship with our clients is the key, ensuring that our solutions are tailor-made for every situation. We invest significant time and effort in planning and designing our programmes so that they fully reflect your needs and requirements.

Psychometric Tools

We provide a range of world class tools to help organisations get the right people in the right jobs, working and developing in the right way. 



Bill Roy BRC Partnership Training Northern Ireland

Bill is a much sought after management consultant,  facilitator, trainer and coach, with over 20 years experience.

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Bill Roy

Managing Director
BRC Partnership
Caroline Jackson BRC Partnership Training Northern Ireland

Caroline specialises in new learning technologies, enabling people to learn both inside and outside of the training room.

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Caroline Jackson

Head of Online & Social Learning

Mr Anil Wijesinghe has over 25 years of management experience in large companies in Sri Lanka.

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Mr Anil Wijesinghe

Managing Director
BRC Lanka


We value what we do and we do what we value


Our Vision

To delight our customers
with world class training
and coaching solutions.



Provided by our team of experienced and successful training consultants


Our work with clients is built on a platform of trust and transparency


We are always searching out new approaches and methods


We are energetic and enthusiastic about our work and clients


We believe that people learn more when they enjoy the experience

BRC News

Training Across the Globe

This week Team BRC are training in Belfast, UK and Sri Lanka. We're with Sensata Technologies today and tomorrow in Royal Wooton Bassett, delivering Presentation Skills training. We're also in Colombo, halfway through our latest trip. By the end of our time in Sri Lanka, we will have trained over 75 managers

Leadership Training: Relationship is Key

Ford, the futurist, classifies resilient jobs in three areas. The first is jobs that involve “genuine creativity, such as being an artist, being a scientist, developing a new business strategy”...The second area is occupations that involve building complex relationships with people... The third area is jobs that are highly unpredictable... Source

Leadership Training with Pan Asia Bank (Sri Lanka)

This week we have been delivering leadership training  in Sri Lanka. During this time, we delivered the second phase of a leadership development training programme for Pan Asia Bank. The 2 day training programme encompassed coaching circles and discussions around the challenges the bank faces and solutions that can be implemented immediately. To conclude the session,

Business Leader's App

*New* Our Business Leader's App ("BLA"), for leaders on the move.

We have identified key aspects that the busy modern leader faces on a regular basis and presented the information in a new, fresh, intuitive and interactive App. If you are a leader who is always on the move, then BLA is for you! (Available for Apple and Android devices).

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We believe in providing blended learning solutions as we recognise people learn in different ways. As well as face to face delivery, we facilitate training virtually – ranging from delivery via social media platforms to our mobile app, which provides “just in time” learning for leaders on the move. 

Our goal is to provide training that is designed and delivered to your specific needs and requirements, and incorporates the latest in learning trends. We provide a broad spectrum of training programmes including:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Managing Stress and Time
  • Managing Performance
  • Managing Change and Transition
  • Relationship Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Leading and Building High Performance Teams
  • Influencing, Persuading and Negotiating Skills
  • Creative Thinking 
  • Customer Service and Selling Skills
  • Leadership for the 21st Century
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
  • Building Organisational Resilience
  • Inter-Cultural Intelligence


Coaching is a vital part of any healthy organisation, providing the opportunity for real learning to take place.  We refer to our coaching service as ‘conversations’ as we want to listen and work with you. Through our experience, we know that real effective change takes place as the rapport develops between us. 

Within the BRC team we have experienced coaches who have established a strong reputation for high quality coaching interventions. Adhering to the principles and best practices of the Association for Coaching, our service is sought after by leaders, senior management teams and business units. We are involved in 1:1 coaching support in Northern Ireland, Norway, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait and Nigeria.

Our sessions are designed to provide strategies and tools for real change to take place. We are happy to help design and deliver in-house coaching workshops and programmes as well as providing individual coaching support.



It's All About the Relationship

We believe that relationship with our clients is the key, ensuring that our solutions are tailor-made for every situation. We invest significant time and effort in planning and designing our programmes so that they fully reflect your needs and requirements.

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Our Consulting model of L2D2 (as seen in the image below) is simple, clear and pragmatic. We Listen, Learn, Design & Deliver. Whether we are training coaching or consulting, we follow the same sequence:  we listen, learn, design and deliver.

Experienced in a wide range of consultancy assignments we don’t just address symptoms we help identify the root causes. Whether you want to talk Strategy, Succession Planning, Induction Programmes, Talent Acquisition and Management, to name a few of our areas of expertise, we can help.


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